Good afternoon WordPressers!

Dave Bauman and I had a wonderful rare opportunity to discuss poetry on the popular rock show with Tom Morgan. Not your every day event let me tell you! It was a BLAST. Tom Morgan was a HOOT to chat with, btw. GREAT personality.

Afterwards, Dave, Marjorie and I prepared for our poetry reading at the Sunbury River Festival; that went swimmingly as well, and we had a great time reading poetry. My son was there also and I met his new girlfriend for the first time, so it was quite the event.

Afterwards, everyone hopped over to the Hotel Edison for a wonderful luncheon, and some beautiful piano music by Dave Bauman’s partner, Brian Kelly. Yes, definately a FASCINATING day!

New plans for poetry are in the works;  searching for new public venues to perform a wide variety of poetry; focusing on children’s poetry, regional poetry and more. Wherever we can find a venue. I’m currently seeking radio and tv programs that would be suitable for us. If anyone gets this– give me a shout!

Thank you!

Melanie Simms