Good morning WordPressers! Happy Saturday!

Writing to share some exciting news… our Commonwealth poetry group wiil be reading in the Harrisburg Capitol on Oct. 11 from 12-1:30pm in the East Wing Rotunda. Cant beat that gig! 🙂 The event has drawn some excellent press, including an interview with Cary Burkett with WITF in Harrisburg, Pa with David Bauman and myself. We had the best time, though we got lost a few times and arrived 10 minutes late. Fortunately for us, Cary was very understanding of us “small town folks” finding their way in the big city! lol.

WITF is quite impressive. It has to be the largest radio station facility I have ever visited. They definately have all the bells and whistles, and Cary Burkett was a consumate interviewer with a voice of liquid gold.

After our interview, David and I made our way to the Capitol to scope out where the reading is ahead of time so that we could get an idea of how much space we had, etc. Its a small spot under the Rotunda but it has an excellent location with plenty of people traffic. WITF will be there to record us for their “On Stage” radio show, and we will also be interviewed by other radio stations, and are expecting a few tv stations and newspapers to arrive as well.

Its definately been a busy year for poetry for myself, David Bauman, Marjorie Maddox, Jerry Wemple and Nate Gadsden. I’m looking forward to the reading in the Capitol in October, most definately.

Whats next?

Well David and I are reading at the Moose Exchange today in Bloomsburg thanks to Jerry Wemple. JW (as I fondly like to call him) was unable to accept the reading invitation and kindly forwarded it on to David and I. We happily accepted and will be reading poetry of the Susquehanna tonight at 6:00pm. Hope to see you all there!

Signing off for now

Melanie Simms