Gosh, life’s been busy! Lots of poetry radio shows the last 3 months in particular; it’s funny how some people dont think there are that many out there.. but really, there are TONS of poetry radio shows.. you just gotta hunt for them. It’s a word called RESEARCH. lol.

Getting ready to read for Camille Erice’s run for City Council in Harrisburg along with some very talented colleagues/friends who will be joining. I’m excited. Also enjoyed an interesting/fun visit with poet Jimmy Baca while he was out this way. Hoping to make a visit to see him in New Mexico over the summer.

Just saw some new publications of my poetry in Ancient Paths Magazine, as well as with Goatmilk: An Intellectual Journal edited by Wajahat Ali, and another upcoming in the Egyptian Daily News. I’m got several out to other journals/publications as well.. so I do try to keep busy.

That’s it for today. Many thanks to David Miller for creating my website.